Hybrid Studies – Registering to be physically present in the classroom

The following are guidelines for teaching staff for activating the registration add-on for students’ in-person attendance at lectures and practicums during the hybrid semester.


Step 1: Adding the registration component – this should be done only one time on the course website


a. Turn editing on clicking on the green button on the toolbar at the top.

b. Click “Add an activity or resource" and select “רישום להרצאות פרונטליות” in the menu.


c. Type in a title: “Register for frontal/in-person attendance at lectures and practicums” and click on “Show more”.


d. In the “Launch countainer” option, select “New Window”.


e. Click save. On the main course page, you should see a link with the title that you chose:


Step 2: Creating a session to register for


a. Click on the link that you created. On this page, you will see all the lecture and practicum sessions of your course.

b. Select the row of the desired class session (check that the lecture/practicum number and location are correct) and click “Manage Meeting Instances” in this row.


c. In the next window, mark all of the sessions that you would like to open up for registration from the possible options. This add-on allows for class sessions from the start date to 2 months ahead. Save your choices and click close.


  • Please note that the available dates are from today until the end of the semester, but that students can only register for a class session two weeks in advance.
  • If you do not see the classroom or if the number of spots available is set to zero (0) – please contact the teaching coordinator of your faculty to check the settings in Anam.




Step 3: View and download the details of those registered for a particular class session


a. Select the row of the desired session (check that the lecture/practicum number and location are correct) and click “View Details” on this row.


b. For each class session, you can see if it is open or closed for registration, how many participants have registered for the particular session, and you can also download the list in Excel.



שינוי אחרון: Thursday, 18 March 2021, 2:39 PM